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Do Not Worry about Partner Visa Refusal

Many visas refused by the country due to some documentation or other reasons. So you do not need to worry about your partner visa refusal. You only need to decide whether to apply again or appeal. Partner visa is the easiest visa to get but if it gets refused than do not worry about that maybe there is any fault in your documentation or you forget to attach some documents that embassy needs.

By hearing the news of your partner visa refusal you will be devastated when you are waiting for them in miles away in another country.

There will be many reasons why your partner visa is refused. Some of the reasons are below:

They think your relationship is not genuine

It can be the number one reason for your partner visa refusal. The immigration crew thought that you both are not husband and wife in real. Because you might not have any pictures together, or your spouse did not come to see you or the details you gave them did not match.

You did not respond

Maybe you failed to respond to the request of immigration or embassy case officer regarding your information or additional documents or maybe you did not complete your medical examination.

Fail in an interview

If you fail to answer some of the questions about your partner’s life that maybe it is the reason your partner visa is refused. Like, if you do not remember your partner’s birthday or any special date with your partner or their sibling’s name then how can this relationship work?

Fraudulent information

If you give false or bogus information then your visa will be canceled. If you think that giving immigration a false document and thought that they will not verify it then you are wrong.

Not meet Health requirements

To enter any country you should be healthy. Immigration conducts medical examination and x-rays by a specific doctor of the panel chosen by them.

You do not meet character requirements

If immigration suspects anything about you like in your past if you were involved in any crime they will refuse your visa.

Partner visa refusal can disturb you because you were thinking to live with your partner in another country where you are all alone for work without your family. But do not lose your hope and apply again maybe next time your partner visa will not be refused.

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